Stop Fleas Fast

2013-03-19 00:00:00

It is very important to start and maintain a monthly flea, tic, and heartworm prevention regiment with any pet that goes outdoors.  All of these parasites are annoying to get rid of and pose health risks for your pets.  Anyone who has experienced fleas knows that they can be hard to get rid of.  However, if your best friend has picked-up fleas there is a way to get rid of them rather easily.

Begin by bombing your house.  You can buy flea bombs at home improvement stores, pet supply stores, and most grocery stores.  Follow the directions for the number of bombs to use to efficiently cover your house and how to set them off.  Be sure that there are no people or pets in your house during the time the bombs are going off.  Take your dog or cat out for a couple hours during the bombing process.  Once you leave your house, feed your pet Capstar.  It is an amazing pill that is available over-the-counter at any major pet supply retailer.  It kills all adult fleas on your dog or cat for a 24-hour period.  Also start them on a flea and tic prevention.  Be sure to follow the dosage rules for Capstar and flea prevention, giving the proper amount based on the weight of your pet.  Capstar combined with flea prevention will kill all fleas, eggs, and larva on your pet and keep them from being able to host the parasite for 30 days.  

Once it is safe to enter your house (according to flea bomb directions) bring your pet back inside.  After bombing you should wash all your dishes, clothes, and counters to avoid poisoning.  Also be sure to thoroughly sweep and vacuum your floors and furniture to remove all dead fleas and eggs.  After cleaning your house be sure to empty and throw out all vacuum bags, vacuum canisters, and dust pans you used.  The key is to kill and remove any flea, larva, and egg from your pet and your home.  If you follow these steps properly you should be clear of all fleas.   This method of flea removal is recommended by several veterinarians and works on single and multiple pet-homes in several different occasions.

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