Picking the Right Veterinarian For You and Your Pet

2014-08-26 12:34:08

Pet parents have to find many businesses to support the pets they love.  One of the most important is a veterinarian.  Whether you are a new pet owner, just moved to a new location or are unhappy with your current vet, Pet Kept Secrets has a few ideas to make sure you pick a veterinarian that you and your pet can be happy with.

When selecting a veterinarian, first things first: ask around.  Some of the best insight that you can get is from your family, friends and others in your community.  Ask any neighbors, friends or acquaintances who they use and if they are happy with them.  The internet is also a great tool.  Check out a site, like Pet Kept Secrets, where you can search for veterinarians and read reviews that other pet parents have written about them.  If you take the time to do your homework, chances are that you will wind up with a caring vet that you and your pet will love.

Also be sure to ask questions.  Find out who all is licensed from the vets down to the technicians, where your vet went to school and if it is an accredited university, how they did in school, why they chose to become a vet, the different services they offer and treatments they use and most importantly how long your veterinarian has been in the area.  If the veterinarian has bounced around and is a here today gone tomorrow type, chances are it is because their work is subpar.  However, if they have been in the same area for a long time (going back to before they started their own practice) and have established ties in the community, it is probably because they are good at what they do, and are a good candidate to receive you and your pet’s trust and business.

Another great step in picking the right vet is to set-up a consultation.  If you call a veterinarian office and tell them that you are shopping around for a new vet most of them will be glad to fit you into their schedule free-of-charge.  The truth is that most vets care about the well-being of animals and are glad to see people that are proactive about their pet (that is why they chose their career).  Call around vet offices that are in your area and ask to come and tour the premises without your pet.  Most offices will allow you to come in and speak with a member of the staff and check out their facilities.  It is a great tool to use for your own peace of mind and also is a great opportunity for vets to get good word of mouth advertising.  Go and check out several establishments and keep an eye out for cleanliness, organization, up-to-date equipment, rapport established with customers that are in the facility and the overall mood of the staff.  Like all businesses, if the staff is energetic and seems happy with their job, it will be reflected in their work and customer service.  On the other hand, if the staff seems like they are miserable and being there is a hassle or a drain on them, then most customers will leave unhappy. 

Remember that you are not your vet’s customer; your pet is.  You are basically a referral service that has to find what makes your pet the most comfortable.  This is often hard since your pet can’t tell you how they feel.  Just be sure to do your research, ask questions and monitor your pet’s display of emotions while they are at the vet.  If they seem unhappy they probably are and it may be a good time to look around for some new options.  Always trust your gut and don’t be shy.  Feel free to tell your vet that you are unhappy and have to think about going elsewhere.  Chances are that you are right in your decision, and if your vet is in business for the right reasons, they will be supportive of your decision.  They should also be inquisitive as to why you are considering leaving and be happy to know how they can better their business.      

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