Encinas Rottweilers

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385 Kramer Rd.
Lillington, NC 27546 (US)



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  • Dogs - Rottweiler
  • Dogs - Miniature Pinscher


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  • Sick Puppy

    We purchased Harley, an 8 week old puppy from Encinas Rottweiler’s on April 12, 2014 and on April 15, 2014 we were at the vet. The puppy was very sick from day one. The puppy had diarrhea. Breeder said that this is common when they are moved. The puppy was deathly sick. I have a book of documentation proving the dog was sick. Melissa stated she sold me a healthy puppy, however the vet states a different story. I could not return the puppy due to she was in Mexico on an extended vacation. Melissa refused to replace the puppy when she died less than a year old because she stated it died from a disease that was not genetic from the mother. This was an auto immune disease. This puppy was sick from day one and I can prove it. Do not buy your new puppy from Encinas if you don’t want your heart broken. She cares nothing about the dog or the owner it’s all about the money for this breeder.

    Reviewed by Harley on 2015-03-18 19:13:23Z

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